Why to Store

Reasons to save your baby’s stem cells.

Stem Cell storage from a newborn’s Umbilical Cord and Cord Blood is increasing among families. Banking your child’s Cord Blood Stem Cells is not only valuable for the child itself, but also increases the possibility of having transplantable Stem Cells for a family member in medical need.

CryoSave offers premium quality family storage for the following reasons

More than 70 blood related diseases can be treated so far.

Actual active research will bring even more future applications.

Gives additional security for the child and family by providing opportunity for autologous or allogeneic-related grafts.

Siblings could benefit from the same sample: they have a one-in-four chance for a perfect match and even more when considering transplantation using partially mismatched donors.

Autologous matching is guaranteed.

In case of related allogeneic use the occurrence rates of ‘Graft vs. Host Diseases’ are significantly lower.

Stem Cells stored in a private bank remain the property of the child under the guardianship of the parents.

The sample is immediately available.

Parent testimonials
Meet some of our clients.

Today, Stem Cells are being used for the treatment of many blood related diseases and the future definitely looks very promising. When looking at basic scientific information in the media, one can easily see that the future is based on Stem Cells.


Miguel Fernández (Journalist), Mara Peterssen (Journalist) and their child Ángela Peterssen

We believe in Stem Cell storage because we think that Stem Cell storage can be very important for our baby’s future health. Not only because of the actual uses of Stem Cells, but more importantly because of all the clinical trials that are going on and that will bring new therapies for the future; hopefully for more common diseases, such as diabetes or cerebral palsy. Stem Cell storage is something you have to choose carefully because it lasts 20 years.


Luca Saponaro (Financial Advisor), Bozhidara Mladenova Stefanova (Financial Broker) and their children Sofia Saponaro and Anna Saponaro

Today, Stem Cells can be used to treat many illnesses by replacing damaged cells and tissues. Storing them at the time of birth is a one-off potentially lifesaving opportunity and a gift for our children that can last a lifetime. We have chosen CryoSave because of its good reputation among qualified operators in the health sector. Moreover, CryoSave has simple and user friendly procedures and continually supports the parents through the process.


Balázs Németh-Kiss (Market Researcher), Ilona Németh-Kiss (Lawyer) and their child Daniel Németh-Kiss

As parents we want to give Dani as much as we can. Part of this is the opportunity to store his Stem Cells. We chose CryoSave because we are optimistic about the future, but still have to be prepared for the worst. In the last 10 years, the number of diseases treated by Stem Cells has increased rapidly. Advancing at this pace, Stem Cell treatments will improve and the number of diseases which can be treated by Stem Cells will grow.